How to defend yourself

How to defend yourself

How to defend yourself


In his daily life, a person is exposed to many forms of abuse, whether in word or deed and the lack of those who master the art of dealing with the aggressor,

and facing abuse with minimal losses, which leads to severe consequences that may amount to killing,

so we urged our true Islamic religion to be patient and have good morals so no We want to offend the same, while we have the right to defend the offer, money, and religion, so whoever died in the defense of what was previously mentioned is a martyr with the prophets and the two friends.

How to defend yourself

Knowledge of the mental ability

It is necessary to know the mental abilities of the aggressor, as there are people who have an intuitive speed that enables them to understand the matter simply without making the slightest effort,

while others may suffer from the difficulty of understanding that the delivery of information to him requires more effort and patience, and therefore the use of abusive phrases should be avoided.

Knowing the cultural level

The cultural level of the aggressor must be known in order to know the selection of the well-understood terms in line with his educational level and his cultural background.

For example, it is not permissible to select eloquent language about talking to an illiterate person, as this would weaken your position and make the conversation useless between you.

Knowledge of the social level

It is necessary to know the social class level in terms of poverty and wealth, so it is not permissible to injure and insult the poor,

and it is not permissible to accuse the rich of vanity because this is a point that counts on you, and in this case, you have to defend yourself twice.

Mistakes in self-defense

  • Raising the sound: The loud voice, as is well known, is evidence of a weak position, not as some believe it is a means of strength and self-defense, especially since it increases the mud and makes things more complicated, so everything can be solved with narration, calmness, and restraint of nerves.
  • Slander: By blaming the blame and accusations against the other party without right, and in this is a big mistake and a remedy for injustice with greater injustice than it.
  • insulting: This is a fatal mistake that causes big problems, especially if the two conditions are pronounced with profanity in terms of display and honor. The Muslim is neither obedient, nor cursed, nor obscene, nor obscene, but he must preserve his tongue to be his horse.
  • The use of sharp tools: sharp tools should not be used even if in order to threaten the other side, in the moment of anger a person may lose consciousness and blood flow, then one must, first of all, ask themselves about the price that he will pay for what he does, and the result may be the loss of the world and the hereafter, And the rational person prefers losing the world in exchange for winning the afterlife.



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