Islam in Canada

Islam in Canada: from only 13 Muslims to the second largest religion in the country

Islam in Canada: from only 13 Muslims to the second largest religion in the country

Islam is the second-largest religion in Canada, with a population of 1.5 million Muslims. According to the statistics, the number of Muslims in the country will increase until it reaches 15% of the total population by 2030, While the percentage of Muslims in Canada was 0.9% of the total population in 1991.

Among the areas most Muslims live in today are Greater Toronto and Greater Montreal

Almost every country in the Muslim world has sent immigrants to Canada, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Albania, Azerbaijan, and the Arab countries.

Fertility rates for Muslims are higher than those for non-Muslims in Canada, at 2.4 children per Muslim woman, compared to 1.6 children for every other Canadian woman. Because of the large increase in the Muslim population, mosques and Islamic schools are spread in Canada, most of which were established with funding from Arab countries.

And Islam in Canada, according to researchers, has a great influence in the country and is constantly increasing in most Canadian cities.

And the Islamic presence is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees freedom of religious ideas in the country, which allows the freedom to practice Islamic beliefs there.

According to the second clause of the charter, Muslim women are free to wear religious clothing, such as the hijab and burqa, in schools and workplaces, although the province of Quebec has legally passed a law prohibiting the reception of medical facilities for Muslim women who wish to obtain services from women only.

In 2011, the government tried to ban the niqab during the citizenship application ceremony, but the federal appeals court voted against the ban in 2015, while the Supreme Court rejected the government’s appeal.

After 4 years of the establishment of Canada in its current form in 1867, the Canadian census found only 13 European Muslims among the population, but a large number of Bosnian Muslims later moved to the country, especially during the period of the First World War. The first Islamic Canadian institution was registered in 1934, in the province of Saskatchewan, and took care of the affairs of Lebanese immigrants.

The country’s first mosque was built in Edmonton in 1938 when there were approximately 700 European Muslims throughout Canada. The mosque building is currently part of the museum in Fort Edmonton Park.

Canada saw an increase in the number of Muslims after World War II, however Muslims continued to live as a small religious minority. This continued until the end of the 1960s and early 1970s, when the European Union removed restrictions on immigration, causing large waves of Muslims to arrive in Canada.


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