Learning Quran protects from diseases

Learning Quran protects from diseases

Learning Quran protects from diseases

A new Islamic study shows that psychic level is related to Holly Qur’an learning rate. In fact, this can be witnessed among all those who learn Allah’s Book….

Field study

A new study confirmed that the more Qur’an is learned, the more psychic is elevated. The category that Doctor Salih Ibrahim As-Sani’, psychology Professor at the Islamic University of Imam Mohamed Ben S’oud, Riad, is composed of two groups:

170 students of Malik Abd al-Aziz university at Jadda

170 students of Imam Chatibi Institute for Qur’anic studies, annex of the Charity Association for learning the holly Qur’an at Jadda

The researcher has determined the health definition as follow: ‘’the coherence state of the person regarding four dimensions: religious or spiritual, psychic, social and physical. The researcher used psychic health measure done by Soleiman Eddouira’t. It is composed of 60 expressions and obtained a good reliability coefficient.

The research showed a positive relationship between the high rate of learning and the high rate of psychic health among the two studied categories. Furthermore, students who learn more than their friends, they obviously were psychically healthier.

There are more than 70 foreign and Islamic studies confirming the importance of the religion in elevating, stabilizing and reassuring psychic level. Moreover, studies in Saudi Arabia confirmed the role of the Holy Qur’an in developing fundamental skills among primary school students and its positive effect on university student’s results.

Furthermore, these studies showed the obvious relationship between religiosity with its different aspects, namely learning the holly Qur’an, and its effects on a person’s psychic health and his personality, being psychically healthy, not having psychic troubles comparing with others that do not respect religion instructions, do not learn any verse from the holy Qur’an or learn some few verses or short suras.

The study recommended to completely learn the holly Qur’an among students and to study at high education establishments, for its positive effect on many domains of life and on their knowledge result. Respecting and practicing its orders and prohibitions, because it is the most important reason to reach a high psychic health. It has also recommended to teachers to elevate the learning rate among their students even if it was not scheduled, by programming it as supplementary for its positive result on both levels; studies and psychic health.

Study comment :

He who learns some of Allah’s book and always listens to the Qur’an will feel a big change in his life. And I say that learning the Qur’an effects the physical health, too. It has been confirmed with me through experience and observation that learning Qur’an elevates the immunity system and helps to prevent against diseases. I can enumerate some of Qur’an advantages as I and others saw and lived:

  • Spirit clarity
  • Memory power
  • Reassurance and psychological stability
  • Joy and happiness that cannot be described
  • Eliminating fear, sadness and anxiety…
  • Arabic language skills, communication and oratory art master
  • Possibility to have better social contacts and enjoy people’s confidence
  • Eliminating chronic diseases that man is suffering from
  • Developing perceptions for comprehension and understanding

Strength and peace of mind feeling

Hence, Allah said: ‘’ No indeed; it (i.e., the Book) is supremely evident signs in the breasts of the ones who have been brought knowledge; and in no way does anyone repudiate Our signs except the unjust.’’(Al-Ankabût: 49). These are some material and life advantages. But there is much bigger ones in the hereafter, which is the happiness of meeting Allah .., winning His satisfaction and the permanent bliss, being near the greatest beloved (All Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon him). So, is there more beautiful than being with Allah and His Messenger on the Day of Judgment?!

By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel


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