Protect Your Marriage From EVIL EYE!

Protect Your Marriage From EVIL EYE!

Protect Your Marriage From EVIL EYE!

social media is an active AXE that tears down the fabric of a relationship over time if not managed correctly. what happens?  see a long time ago in order to become famous you had to do something profound affecting humanity right?

today if you want to be famous you don’t need to do that. all you need is an internet connection and maybe a selfie stick and a camera and you can be famous and guess what?

the more clothes you take off the more the likes the more radical and craziest things we may do the more the response rate we get and then the greater the response rate we get the more dopamine the more sense of gratification and the more the sense of gratification the greater the urge you will have to do more what happens over time is that you and I will lose the ability to accept attention from one person

because you our brains have become rewired to only accepting and craving attention from many people. why thirty likes or I used to have 300 likes why 3,000 likes when I used to have 300 likes?

then your poor wife or your poor husband wants to sit down have a conversation with you you can’t do it anymore you’re fidgeting no your need to get back on the phone to see who said what and who like what social media brothers and sisters if you are not doing anything profound with it like for example

saving people from the Hellfire guiding them to Jannah and glorifying Allah سبحانه و تعالى which I will claim a lot of us are not doing delete it altogether if it is affecting our relationship delete it altogether and save this ميثاق غليظ this firm covenant brothers and sisters in terms of reviving the concept of مودة, we can’t stop showing the world the happiness in our married life brothers and sisters

stop showing the world about the happiness that you are experiencing as a husband or wife. the world doesn’t need to see the photos of your marriage. and if your husband, your sister, has bought you a huge bouquet of flowers, you don’t need to show the world on Instagram that your hobby has just got me some flowers, because you’re telling me, from those five hundred people you have as your friends, or maybe the five thousand still, none of them are unmarried? none of them envy you for where you are?

you are saying to me that none of them are married but are not suffering as married men or women? and then they see now this carefully filtered photo that you have uploaded, and they’re thinking, what about me? don’t you fear that an eye may affect you because the evil eye is real?

now we don’t want to take this to paranoia, brothers and sisters, but I don’t doubt that many of the sudden breakdowns of relationships that seem completely unexplainable argue to the EVIL EYE.

Ahmad Narrates in his Musnad and Al Hakim in his Mustadrak

that The Messenger (PBUH) said,

إذا رأى أحدكم شيئا اعجبه فليبرك فان العين حق

if any of you sees something that he admires let him make Dua for بركة, blessing, اللهم بارك له or something like that he said because the eye is real.

The eye is real. and Abu Nuaym narrates in his Hilyawith a Hassan chain of narration as mentioned by Nasruddin Al-Albani The Messenger (PBUH) said,

إن العين لتدخل الرجل القبر والجمل القدر

the evil eye can take a camel to the pot, and can take a man to his grave,

لا اله الا الله the evil eye can kill Camels, it can put them in the pot for meat, for people to eat and it can take a man to his grave, rather a step further, The Messengers (PBUH) said in a terrifying hadith,

أكثر من يموت من أمتي بعد قضاء الله وقدره بالعين

the most thing that claims the lives of people from my nation after the Qadr of Allah is the evil eye.

marriage is supposed to be something private between you and your spouse. why is it that when you have a wonderful moment with her, the very first thought that goes into my mind or yours is cyberspace? what’s the best filter for this image? how am I going to get these envious eyes to look at me? and then you expect that this is something that will not require a price? impossible, dear brothers and sisters. we have taken enemies at times or at least the masses of people with different intentions, we have brought them into our homes,

we have taken them for drives in our cars, we have shown them our Dates with our spouses, we might as well pack them a suitcase [To Move In]. Allah سبحانه وتعالى wants you to cover this dear brothers and sisters and only show it perhaps to those few people who you know what good for you.

and at times it doesn’t need to be somebody who hates you to affect you with the eye. it could be purely admiration but they don’t say the right things and then you are stuck. don’t put yourself Dear brothers and sisters in this corner. put yourself outside of harm’s way and that means, cover the khair that Allah Almighty has given you.

rethink your social media now as we are speaking to one another to one another and say the Azkaar, the morning and evening remembrances, and undoubtedly this is sufficient protection, Alysse allahu because in Hamden allah is certainly sufficient for his service

 أَلَيْسَ اللَّهُ بِكَافٍ عَبْدَهُ

Is not Allah sufficient for His Servant

Quran 39:36


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