The plant cries and defends itself !!

The plant cries and defends itself !!

The plant cries and defends itself !!

Did you know that plants take a sneaky way to repel pesky pests? Did you know that a plant distinguishes between a friendly and a harmful insect? Let’s meditate…

In a scientific study published in the Scientific Journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B in the August 2014 issue, it was found that the mustard plant is defending itself against caterpillars in a wonderful and strange way.

This plant hates the larvae that live and feed on its leaves, so what is the job? Researchers have found that the mustard plant cleverly gets rid of these larvae and before they cause harm to it, by emitting a special smell that attracts wasps insects that devour the larvae eggs and lay their eggs on this plant, and these eggs will hatch and turn into wasps that eat the rest of the eggs And larvae … and therefore the plant gets rid of these larvae in a safe and without harm !!

It is a scene that surprised and surprised researchers! This method of self-defense in plants indicates that the universe is organized and does not proceed randomly or by chance as the theory of evolution claims.

Therefore, every day scientists discover new secrets confirming the existence of a force controlling this universe, but they are still walking behind the illusion of atheism despite the fact that all An atom in this universe testifies to its Creator, Almighty.

There are plants that release odors to attract specific insects that pollinate them! Most types of plants emit seductive odors for some types of insects that come and think that there is food, but they do not find anything,

except that the pollen is attached to the body of this insect and during its movement between the flowers it spreads this dust (or the so-called pollination grains), so these insects contribute to pollinating plants.

The study conducted by the Wageningen University and Research Center showed that some types of plants are exposed to the attack of some insects ..

They cry and “beg” and cry by releasing chemicals that are understood by neighboring plants, so these plants rush to help the affected plant by emitting odors that attract predatory insects to eliminate These larvae and their eggs. سبحان الله!

Butterfly larvae and eggs that feed on cabbage leaves. The study was carried out on a species of cabbage plant (cabbage), which is constantly under attack by the large cabbage white butterfly, which feeds on its leaves and lays its eggs on it to turn into predatory larvae later.

The cabbage releases a chemical that the black mustard plant responds to, and in turn, it releases chemicals that attract wasps insects that devour the eggs and larvae of butterflies … thus the plant gets rid of this enemy in a wonderful way in self-defense.

Another study showed that insect-eating plants, Carnivorous plants, perform strange behavior indicating that they know what to do !! The insect-eating plant emits odors to attract insects to devour and feed on them, but it needs friendly bees insects to pollinate it, so what should we do?

This plant emits odors that attract bees and some other insects that this plant loves to eat insects, so it allows them to pollinate it by moving between its organs and transferring pollen from one part to another …

without touching it with the slightest harm, and this advanced technology ensures the preservation of the plant’s offspring, its reproduction, and its extinction. .. سبحان الله!

And at this scene, a person can only say: Glory be to God! How did the plant know that these eggs would cause harm in the future? And how did he manage to release the scent that attracts those wasps that help the plant eliminate harmful insects without being harmed by the wasps? And why does this smell not attract other insects that harm the plant …

And who taught botany to emit a scent that attracts types of insects like bees to pollinate these plants ?? How did you know that had it not been for this technology, the plant world would have become extinct … Who taught him that, is he not God who says:

That is Allah, your Lord; there is no deity except Him, the Creator of all things, so worship Him. And He is Disposer of all things.

Vision perceives Him not, but He perceives [all] vision; and He is the Subtle, the Acquainted.

Quran 6 V: 102-103

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