The second-longest surah in the Quran

The second-longest surah in the Quran

The second-longest surah in the Quran

The difference in the length of the Quran surah

The surahs of the Holy Qur’an are different in terms of their length, there are very long Surahs, and there are medium-sized surahs, and there are short surahs whose number of verses do not exceed a very small number, and we may find in the Holy Qur’an a wall that contains a relatively fewer number than other surahs but occupies fewer pages,

and this The result of the verses of these Surahs is long, as one verse contains a greater number of words, whereas on the other hand we find surahs that contain a large number of verses but they occupy a very limited number of pages and this is a result of the words of the one verse are few meaning that their verses short.

The second-longest chapter of the Noble Quran

The second-longest surah in the Noble Qur’an is Surat al-Nisaa, given the area, it occupies from the Holy Qur’an. As for the second-longest surah in the Holy Qur’an, given the number of generous verses it contains regardless of its size from the Qur’an, it is Ash-Shu’araa with a number of verses up to Two hundred and twenty-seven verses.

Surat Al Nisaa

Surat al-Nisa is from the decent civil surah, and this generous surah has dealt with and contained many different legal rulings such as family rulings, legal rulings, the way to deal with the Jews, the way to deal with hypocrites, and such topics that spread and focus in the civil part of the Book of God Almighty Because of the suitability of these subjects for the time of the Prophet’s greatest presence in Medina.

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